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My Artist Statement

Photo Credit: A Tale of Two Pens by Roger Johnson

LinkedIn  on  How to Write an Artist Statement, prompted a request that I provide a sample.

I teach people how to write resumes, – in fact, I very recently uploaded my Masterful Resume Writing course on Udemy. You may find it helpful in extracting the characteristics and experiences you need to write a strong Artist Statement.

As a general rule, I don’t usually give examples, though I might offer samples of what NOT to do. I talk in my book about receiving nearly verbatim cover letters from two unrelated individuals six months apart. I quickly found their source online, a resume writing service website. I too have found that when I give examples, the people I’m working with have a hard time coming up with words of their own. They end up taking the example as boilerplate, taping their faces over it, but pretty much ending up with a rearranged version of my sample. My purpose in writing the artist statement article was to help you get started.

That said, I will honor the request for those who wish to check out this post. Here is my statement:

Hello, I’m Roz. I have been a writer and an artist for as long as I can remember. I grew up in a home where there was no such thing as boredom. Any escaping sigh of lethargy was met with a swift response – an art project, a cooking lesson, a sewing assignment. Something creative … so I grew up learning how to “make things.” That makes me a modern day Renaissance woman with a heart for things handmade.

I make art jewelry – pieces that are avant garde and nonpareil, which means one of a kind, having no equal, and thus, the name I selected for my business. And I write. How I love to write. Both fiction and nonfiction. I’m a graphic designer – a field of endeavor that combines the things I love most about writing and art. Future work will incorporate video and sound.

My media are many. A journal and a pen or word processor and laptop for writing. For jewelry making, a set of favorite jewelry tools I’ve collected over the years, various gauges of wire and sheet metal, some hammers and files, and a crème brule torch. I love hardware stores and power tools. And my favorite tool – a hand engraver that I take to task over the most beautiful and versatile metal in the world – copper. For graphic design, I explore the wonders of professional graphic design software – but every layout still begins with a hand-drawn pencil sketch.

I make what I make because I love to see and hear your response. I’ve always been fascinated by the process by which people understand and interpret information. I love typography. And I believe everyone should have at least one piece of nonpareil jewelry, one duplicated nowhere else on the planet.  It took me a long time to get here. With two sons to raise, I had to be practical, lest we’d starve. Now, after a long and circuitous route along “sensible” career paths through life, I am returning to my roots. To my art and my words. I hope my work brings you joy.


I hope seeing my statement provides a little more clarity to how to go about writing one. But please, don’t copy mine or try to use it as a formula. Take some time for self-analysis. Discover who YOU are and write a compelling and intriguing statement that tells us what you know about yourself.



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