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The first of the siL-Vintage Collection pieces …

In a commission piece you get to participate in the design process. You may have a focal element that you want me to work with … you may color preferences … you may want to choose the metal or even mix metals.  You may have a particular shape in mind or a motif that is symbolic for you. But you provide your input and I make it happen.


The commission piece displayed here is the first of the siL-Vintage Collection, named for my  friend Lis, from whom I recently purchased several pounds of vintage buttons. She has saved them for many years, those buttons having been passed down through three generations of her family, and is overjoyed to see some of her little treasures find new life in my art. So of course, I used some of the vintage buttons to make this piece, which actually doubles as a brooch—the sterling toggle chain slides out easily and the pin back attaches it to Lis’s garment.


I enjoy creating unusual combinations of “found” elements. I can use all kinds of inclusions:  paper, painted items, broken pieces, chips of stone, buttons, keys, even hardware items … I enjoy foraging around in antique shops, collecting all kinds of random objects to include in my assemblages.


Perhaps you have some treasured elements you have kept in the bottom of your jewelry box … a set of beads from a favorite necklace … a lone earring long separated from its mate … a stone you purchased and would like to have wire-wrapped … some little broken piece that you just can’t seem to part with … Or maybe you just want a statement piece–something uniquely designed for you that no one else will have …


I specialize in special orders and giving old pieces a second renaissance.  Just go to my contact page and send me a message to start the commission process. We’ll talk and figure out how I can best fulfill your request–then I’ll quote you a reasonable price and we’ll take it from there. I require a deposit of 30% or $30, whichever is greater. I usually complete client orders within three to four weeks, sometimes longer for more complex work.



Roz Swartz Williams, Jewelry Artisan, Writer, Graphic/Web Designer

Roz Swartz Williams, Jewelry Artisan, Writer, Graphic/Web Designer

I hope you’re enjoying your tour of my site. Please take a moment to visit my Etsy Shop by clicking here or select SHOP on the site menu. If you see something in my shop or here on the site that’s  ”similar, but not quite” what you’re looking for, we can discuss the details and I will create a piece to your specs. Note also, though my usual media are the base metals–Copper, Bronze, Brass, and Nickel Silver–I also do commission work using Sterling Silver and 14kt Gold-Filled wire and elements.


Contact me any time. I look forward to working with you to create something amazing!


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