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Commission Work

Every now and then, a client walks into my booth or asks to meet me with a very unusual piece. I have wire sculpted all kinds of interesting elements for people. Not sure what this one is … but the owner said it was a gift and she thought it looked like a little whale. […]

I guess you can see by my work that I specialize in the unusual. I received a request from a customer who had always wanted and finally purchased a beautiful skeleton watch. It’s amazing to sit and watch the interlocking mechanisms move in synchrony as they mark time. But the band on her watch was […]

I don’t often get requests from male customers … but a special commission came in from a man who wanted a neckpiece designed for his wife. He asked for simple and understated, completed in copper, and his one unique specification was that I had to incorporate a rainbow into the piece. Rainbows were symbolic in […]

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