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LinkedIn  on  How to Write an Artist Statement, prompted a request that I provide a sample. I teach people how to write resumes, – in fact, I very recently uploaded my Masterful Resume Writing course on Udemy. You may find it helpful in extracting the characteristics and experiences you need to write a strong Artist Statement. […]

  When my studio is messy, that means I’ve got a lot of projects in progress. When it’s neat and orderly, I’m … AWOL. Do you need your studio neat and tidy to work or the messier the better? Share your studio habits!   Share this post!

    Share this post!

When I’m working shows, I meet so many people who say they are not creative. I find that so hard to believe. They look at my jewelry work and say they would never conceive of such things. I have a hard time convincing people who think they’re not creative, that they can be.   The […]

If you’re an artist, you should have an Artist Statement. Whether you make jewelry, or sculpt, and paint in oils, you need a document that speaks for you when you’re not there. And yes, you do need one. If you plan to do any gallery work or sell your art publicly, you need an Artist […]

 PLEASE SHARE THIS NEWSLETTER! NEWS AND SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS MAY 2015 non pa reil                                  adj.  1. having no equal     2. one of a kind To you, my long-term collectors, thanks so much for following my art jewelry work these many years. I […]

I’ve received many requests to conduct wirework and jewelry design classes. Whether you want to learn for the purpose of starting a business or just for the fun of it, jewelry-making is a gratifying skill for releasing your creativity and relaxing. I continue to find it fulfilling and the ideas just keep coming once you […]

(Rule 1, Rule 2) Rule 3. Always bring along a critical shopping companion to keep your fashion sense in check.   Baloney. You deserve to bask in momentary spotlight. Critical companion? Oh, you know who I mean. You go shopping together all the time and every time you pick up something just a shade out […]

Rule 2.  Your jewelry accessories must always be tiny. (Did you miss Rule 1?  Rule 3‘s next!) Now let’s talk about accessory size. Women often think long earrings will be too long for them. Or too … dramatic. You say your neck is too short or you think you’re too old for long styles. You […]

Following, I’m writing a series of  three posts on fashion accessorizing rules you need to break TODAY! Here’s the first rule you should break: Rule 1. Your accessory colors must exactly match your outfit.   Absolutely not true. A woman visits my booth at a show and she falls in love with a piece that […]

Every now and then, a client walks into my booth or asks to meet me with a very unusual piece. I have wire sculpted all kinds of interesting elements for people. Not sure what this one is … but the owner said it was a gift and she thought it looked like a little whale. […]

I believe the jewelry you wear should, like a cartouche, make a personal statement of who you are. That’s why I love creating one-of-a-kind art jewelry—because what you wear should be your own. Individuality = value and I love it when a piece I have created lingers through many shows … and then one day, its […]

The Cooley Gallery – September 14 -15 Location:  12 S. King Street, Leesburg, VA Hours:  Saturday, 12-6pm, Sunday 12-5pm For more info, click here.   South Run Fall Art & Craft Show – October 12-13 Featuring the NoVA Handcrafters Guild (NVHG) Location:  South Run RECenter, 7550 Reservation Dr, Springfield, VA Hours:  Saturday, 9am-4pm, Sunday, 11am-4pm For […]

On Saturday and Sunday, September 14 and 15, I spent two sunny and beautiful fall afternoons in historic Leesburg, VA, at the Cooley Gallery, owned by Washington Redskins player and pottery artist, Chris Cooley. I was among eight jewelry artisans from the region invited to participate in a showcase coinciding with the fine craft show […]

I guess you can see by my work that I specialize in the unusual. I received a request from a customer who had always wanted and finally purchased a beautiful skeleton watch. It’s amazing to sit and watch the interlocking mechanisms move in synchrony as they mark time. But the band on her watch was […]

Copper … rich … organic … my favorite of all the metals. This freeform pendant, like all of my work, is a one-of-a-kind art piece to wear. This piece can be found for sale in my Etsy Store. Click the Shop link at left or go to the contact page for my link to Etsy. […]

After many years of participating in quality craft shows in the DC metropolitan area, I’ve learned quite a bit about booth design. Do you realize how much of an impact the design of your booth has on your sales? Many people have asked me for pointers on booth design so I decided to write 17 Secrets of […]

I don’t often get requests from male customers … but a special commission came in from a man who wanted a neckpiece designed for his wife. He asked for simple and understated, completed in copper, and his one unique specification was that I had to incorporate a rainbow into the piece. Rainbows were symbolic in […]

Sometimes you crack the spine of a new book and turn to the first page and realize immediately that you will never be the same again. Sometimes just looking at the cover is enough. That happened to me when I received my first jewelry design books. Only God knew I would develop a passion for […]

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