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Break These Three Fashion Rules – Part 3: Critical Companions

(Rule 1, Rule 2)

Rule 3. Always bring along a critical shopping companion to keep your fashion sense in check.



You deserve to bask in momentary spotlight.

Critical companion? Oh, you know who I mean. You go shopping together all the time and every time you pick up something just a shade out of the ordinary, she talks you out of it. She begins to chatter nonstop about something totally unrelated to those bizarre bracelets you like or that jazzy jacket in your hand. She strolls off to another booth, subtly dismissing your selection, appearing disinterested.


Photo Credit: © Can Stock Photo Inc. / diego_cervo

I know you know this shopping buddy. Maybe she boldly takes the hanger right out of your hand and puts it back on the rack. Or maybe she doesn’t even have to say anything. She just raises a disdainful eyebrow and you are put to instant shame. You put that cool accessory back and walk away thinking, “What was I thinking?”

Maybe she’s talking you out of it because SHE’s afraid to wear that piece. She’s afraid to sport that bag. She’s afraid to show up in that color. If you wear that jazzy jacket or walk in wearing that bizarre cluster of bracelets, then she’ll feel smaller, less visible, while you grab all the attention as you bask in momentary spotlight. (Because that’s what happens when you wear my jewelry:  You get to bask in momentary spotlight.)

It’s so much easier for her if you both just conform to traditional styling, if you don’t go around making your own fashion statement.

Please find a new shopping pal … or shop alone. You don’t have to take anyone with you. Especially if s/he is going to stifle your creativity.

Can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen someone enter my show booth, swoon over a piece, and have her critical companion cunningly, even if unconsciously, block her purchase. If she walks away without it, I’ll see her keep drifting past, trying to steal another glance, checking to see if it’s been sold.

Sometimes, you get up the “nerve” to come back and buy it, but by then it’s gone. And there is only the one.

Here are two ways to handle your critical fashion companion. You can:

  1. Give in. Let your critical companion win and avoid testing your relationship. Sigh and walk away and spend the rest of your week wishing you could …
  2.  Stand your ground. If you love that Radiant Orchid handbag or that Nonpareil copper statement piece, buy it. Wear it well.

Photo Credit: © Can Stock Photo Inc. / Elnur

Follow these three fashion rules and discover the joy of accessorizing on the edge!

  1. Experiment with color!
  2. Go big or go home!
  3. Be nonpareil!


Ever let a friend talk you out of a great buy? How did you feel afterward? Here’s a little adventure for you. Go to a quality craft show this weekend and buy something unusual that moves you. You will accomplish two great objectives:  You’ll step out of your comfort zone and you’ll be supporting a local artisan! Wear it all week and then share your experience with us! How did it feel to wear something different? How did the people in your world respond to you?


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