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Break These Three Fashion Rules – Part 2: Little Bitty Baubles

Rule 2.  Your jewelry accessories must always be tiny.

(Did you miss Rule 1?  Rule 3‘s next!)


Photo Credit: © Can Stock Photo Inc. / Lvnel

Now let’s talk about accessory size. Women often think long earrings will be too long for them. Or too … dramatic. You say your neck is too short or you think you’re too old for long styles. You wear teeny little dangles and carry a tiny little neutral tone handbag literally stuffed with your barest daily essentials.

How many times have I heard women look at a cool accessory and say, “I could never carry that off!”

Who says?!?

I suspect that some time ago (hopefully not as far back as the 80’s!), the starlet du jour in the best movie of that year wore quarter carat studs and a tiny little jewel suspended from a delicate fine metal chain around her neck. All the women saw that and thought “how stunningly simple and elegant” and fanatically copied that style. Now you’re stuck there and a little afraid to break out.

High time to go for it! Wear something new and different!

Because first of all, you’re missing all the (good clean) fun! That’s what Nonpareil is all about. Nonpareil means one of a kind, having no equal. Didn’t you know? … That’s YOU.

And secondly, your neck is not too short. (It’s the distance from your ear lobes to your shoulders that counts, not the length of your neck.) Don’t decide you can’t wear something when you haven’t even tried it on! We’re not talking about breaking a moral code. We’re talking about wearing something that makes you feel happy … special … and pretty. Something that sets you just a little bit free.

What will you do today to express your nonpareil-ness?

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