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Break These Three Fashion Rules – Part 1: Match-y Matching

Following, I’m writing a series of  three posts on fashion accessorizing rules you need to break TODAY!

Here’s the first rule you should break:

Rule 1. Your accessory colors must exactly match your outfit.


Gradient Color WheelAbsolutely not true.

A woman visits my booth at a show and she falls in love with a piece that has wonderful rich color. Deep reds, or cobalt blue, or even my personal favorite, luscious orange! She’s drawn to it immediately. Nothing else grabs her attention like that one. She loves that piece and picks it up gently and holds it like a treasure. But then she sighs and says, “I just LOVE this but I don’t have anything in this shade of blue.” She looks sad and reluctantly puts it back.

Sigh … Match-y matching makes me sad. (And a little mad!)

Sometimes I can put that happy smile back on her face. I suggest that lapis lazuli beaded piece she loves would look amazing with a coral top. Or why not try it with butter yellow? Who said you have to wear that piece with a top or dress in that exact shade of lapis?

Does anyone know who made this rule? I’m serious. I want to know. Who decided that everything has to match?

Most of you are so happy when I point out other palette ideas! You decide to get the piece and discover the possibilities are infinite!

Like Stacy London used to say on What Not to Wear:  “It doesn’t have to MATCH, it just has to GO.” ( I really liked that show!)

Well, maybe you feel you just don’t know enough about color. Here’s some good life hack info on color theory and how to put together great color combinations. And here’s a set of color palettes you can look at based on one of my copper neckpieces. I’ll talk more about creating color clothing combos in future posts.

In the meantime, please. Stop match-y matching. Don’t limit yourself to colors you already own. When a new color speaks to your heart, go for it. Experiment with interesting color combinations. Don’t lock yourself into uniformity. You’d be amazed what a great pop of color in your outfit does for your spirit!

Break These Three Fashion Rules – Part 2

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