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 non pa reil (nahn puh rel)  [ Fr.< non, not + pareil, equal ]
   adj. 1. having no equal     2. one of a kind

Hi, I’m Roz. Welcome to my site. I discovered the world of art jewelry in 1996 and for the last 17 years, I have been on a continuing journey of artistic discovery—and loving it—in my quest to develop a signature voice in mixed media art jewelry design.  I established Nonpareil, Ltd. to sell my creations, and participate in quality craft shows here in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area.

Roz Swartz Williams, Jewelry Artisan, Writer, Graphic/Web Designer

Roz Swartz Williams, Jewelry Artisan, Writer, Graphic/Web Designer

My artistic skills are for the most part self-taught, I enjoy the freedom of combining several techniques and media including wire sculpting and wrapping, polymer clay, handmade and textured paper, and surface ornamentation using acrylic and gouache paints, textile inks, gold, silver, and potpourri leaf, and various preservative finishes.  Just about anything can find new life in one of my pieces–old keys, broken hardware, anything I can drill a hole, bonus if it already has one! My most successful designs seem to come to me in the middle of the night.  The next day my challenge is to get to my studio as soon as I can and transform those new ideas into creations of color and texture. Every now and then, I don’t wait until morning. And occasionally, I’m up all night.  My designs are usually asymmetrical—and I’m meticulous about the fine details of each piece. I strive to ensure that each one is balanced and comfortable to wear and the only one of its kind.

I have developed a wire sculpting signature that I call “Fleur-de-Lis Style” as I often use variations on the classic fleur-de-lis motif as a basis for design.  I employ cold join techniques—that basically means no heat, connecting elements without soldering—to assemble my work. Since I incorporate so many mixed media, soldering is usually not an option. I prefer the ever-evolving richness and patina of the base metals—copper (my favorite), nickel silver,* sometimes brass, and particularly bronze, used alone or in an interesting mix.

I like that my pieces age and gain character over time. Texture and color, whether bold or subtle, are essential in my designs. I also like to experiment with hand-mixed and commercial patina solutions and darkening agents such as liver of sulfur. I hope that my work will help you discover and appreciate the organic beauty of things unappreciated like verdigris and firescale.

I hope to reach a wider audience with my work and to continue doing fine craft shows. I get such a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment when people stop in my booth at a show and I hear that little gasp of excitement when something in my display speaks to them.

That encourages me to go on. To keep designing. And keep creating. And keep approaching each piece as an individual work of art.

Thanks for stopping by and please come back!

*I like using Nickel (or German) Silver because it doesn’t tarnish easily like Sterling but still offers the look of sterling. However, be advised that nickel, which is often used to make costume jewelry, is usually the culprit for people with metal allergies or sensitivities. Copper, bronze, and brass do not contain nickel.

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