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Welcome to Nonpareil, Ltd. …

Sometimes you crack the spine of a new book and turn to the first page and realize immediately that you will never be the same again. Sometimes just looking at the cover is enough. That happened to me when I received my first jewelry design books.

Only God knew I would develop a passion for the design and handcrafting of jewelry. And I can no longer imagine not doing this, can’t imagine not having this in my life.

See, that’s how the Lord works. He answers prayers by opening doors. Doors that can take you in a plethora of creative, challenging, and gratifying directions.

NLTD-Copper-Bracelet-Watch-Cluster1In this blog, you’ll see the evidence of my movement in directions. Here you’ll find musings from my jeweler’s bench—thoughts about the work or observations on life in general, on methodology and creativity, links to magnificent and masterful work by other artists that moves me, or whatever else is on my mind.

Even with these many dedicated and passionate years of learning and experience at my bench, with a signature style and a growing following of clientele, I’m still finding new media and discovering techniques … I rejoice in the fact that there’s so much more to learn than I will ever know… because that means I will never be bored with this. So in my journey, I will continue to open new doors and seek and explore and learn as much as I possibly can … strive to create art jewelry that touches your spirit or captures your personal vision in a commissioned piece. Art jewelry that tells an interesting story or makes you gasp in amazement … or simply sigh and smile with satisfaction as you reach for it and pull it close to your heart and claim it as your own.

I hope you’ll enjoy the journey with me. Feel free to comment on my work—I’d love to hear what my creations make you feel, what thoughts they bring to your mind.

In the meantime … i pray you find your own set of directions. Move away from the ordinary. Take the narrow way. Follow a new, less traveled path. Dream big.  And never stop learning.


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